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Traders worldwide have trusted my training for years – another Trading the Open Advantage.
We do not trade live-money accounts; we make no performance claims (per SEC/CFTC compliance regs).
We are all about training you in pattern recognition & timing skills.

Avoid these Common BS Scams Seen In Other Live Rooms:

BS Scam #1: Fake Trading Room gurus claiming to be trading real money when they’re actually just using a fake demo/sim account in their live room (with impossibly unrealistic order fills).  How to reveal this scam: carefully read time & sales (the tape) to see if a big order actually gets printed in the real live-money market, when the guru claims to make a trade. If they’re lying you won’t see the actual order in T&S.  Also check when they claim to sell.  Ask for their tax returns or audited broker statement, not photoshopped sim account fake p&ls.

BS Scam #2: Low-float Under-$10 stocks Typically seen by young phonies claiming to trade thousands of shares of cheap stocks & making thousands of dollars; usually with after-the-fact fake alerts. Of course if you try and trade their alerts, you never get order fills like they claim to. Total BS.

BS Scam #3: Front-running “pump & dumps” The #1 reason scammers run rooms with thinly traded cheap stocks is so they can buy shares Before they alert their room victims, then they say “buy now”, and they sell into the buying frenzy they create, duping their traders.  This illegal trick only works on low-volume stocks (since the guru scammer can artificially ‘pump’ the price up by telling lots of victim traders to buy shares, that he then sells into). It won’t work on liquid, higher volume stocks since there’s many people trading them. That’s why I personally prefer stocks with at least 15k shares/minute volume; to avoid being on the wrong side of pumps by boiler-room bs live room operators.

BS Scam #4: Promises of ‘Financial Independence’ or ‘Consistent Profits’  They falsely claim to have helped others get rich using their alerts and training.  or make phony performance-related claims. It’s a lie. Most traders lose. It’s risky. It’s also a violation of compliance regulations for anyone to promise “consistent profits”, “financial freedom”, “quit your day job” or other claims: avoid those who make any profit- or performance-related promises.

BS Scam #5: Room shills You’ll often see the same 2 or 3 “cheerleaders” tout how well the guru is doing, often making suspiciously regular after-the-fact claims of winning trades.  Unbeknownst to the room victims, they are confederates of the guru, paid off to cheer and brag (this con is similar to what magicians do onstage with confederates planted in the audience to pull off magic tricks).  It’s social-proof BS.

BS Scam #6: Upsells to Overpriced BS courses Of course the answer to “why aren’t I making buttloads of money like the guru??” is “you need more training”, or “buy their advanced course” etc.  Utter BS.

BS Scam #7: Fake reviews & social media  They may buy phony reviews, or pay for fake reviews on social media sites & elsewhere.  Do your due diligence and don’t buy into the hype.  If it sounds too good to be true, it is… buyer beware!

BS Scam #8: No credentials, only in business a few years  Many con-men are slick marketers who make big promises (beware “lifestyle of rich trader” type videos aka trader porn, to sell the dream).  They do not have a 15-year+ reputation, are not seen in major media, and are newbie social media hucksters.  Check how long they’ve been in business; should be at least 15 years like I have been.

Instead, See Stock Gap & Breakout Trading Tactics in LIVE Markets!

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LIVE Day & Swing Chart Training

  • You’ll see how to identify the strongest stock trading setups in each morning’s session.
  • Learn why gap & breakout charts are moving strongly, with step-by-step training.

Candlesticks & Tape Reading

  • Discover how to trade momentum breakouts with 1-minute candles & “tape reading” for stocks only, primarily in the $15-$50/share range.
  • Join Ken Calhoun for exclusive ‘Tape Reading Walkthroughs’ for entries & exits.

Price-Action Momentum Moves

  • Watch how LIVE momentum charts move during the opening hour.
  • Follow along with fully narrated training you can learn from once you join. You’ll see for yourself how precision patterns work, as one of our valued members.

Morning Gaps & Breakouts

  • You learn how to follow opening gaps and breakouts with our morning watchlist & training.
  • You’ll see specific price-action S/R levels posted live & updated throughout each session. Ask questions, get realtime answers!

Never Trade with Live Money In Any Room: Learn First!

For educational use only: no real-money trades are made during these training sessions; all information is for training/educational use only.  No performance nor profitability claims nor trading recommendations are made.  Beware the phony young amateur live room operators who trade low-float risky sub-$10 ‘pop & drop’ stocks (or ES e-minis) with sim accounts but dishonestly claim to be trading live money — it’s rampant. No e-minis/futures (too choppy), no penny stocks, occasional rare sub-$10 stocks, no Forex. Most of what you’ll learn here is stocks in the $20 – $40/share range with at least 15k shares/minute volume, for strong gaps & breakouts – professional stock day trading.

By participating you agree to not make actual trades; use a demo (papertrading) account, to Learn the patterns as they are explained in each educational session. No individual advice nor recommendations are being made; all information is impersonal and generally published in nature, per regulations. See our complete rules/terms of service and help/FAQ pages.

Per CFTC / SEC regulations:

+ We do not make live trades; all information is for papertrading use only.
+ We do not provide individual trading advice nor do we make trading recommendations of any kind.
+ Alerts are not buy/sell signals; they are published as impersonal, general educational content only to illustrate chart patterns.
+ We do not make any performance nor profitability claims of any kind.
+ This is not an advisory service, it is an educational content publication service.

It is Ken’s opinion that live training rooms should be focused on education and training, Not to make actual trades in.   Look at it as a safe learning environment.

Our Members Trust Us

Note: testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other clients, and testimonials are no guarantee of future performance nor success.

“Very clear, concise, professional approach to scanning for set-ups and establishing accurate entry and exit points (long/short) for the day. It’s time very well spent!”

Bob W.

“Your trading room is absolutely outstanding and the most professional I have been in to date. I subscribed to your room in order to get a glimpse into how professional day trading is executed…I have been a member in two other trading rooms and yours is the absolute best.”

Michael P.

“…. excellent step-by-step practical advice that I’ve started using already. Ken was extremely professional and generous with the Q&A session at the and I get the feeling that he genuinely  cares about his trainees learning and becoming better traders. Well-worth the investment, what I learned has more than paid for the cost of the training within a couple of days already.”

Richard B.

“I am new to your live trading room …Your trading room is light years beyond my expectations…. you put it all right on the table…solid professional trading. It is very much appreciated and I wanted to say thank you.”

Lou B.

“…I really admire the way that you conduct the live room and it’s great to see how someone with your expertise is willing to pass on his knowledge to people who will be able to use it to their benefit…completely satisfied with the live room (you really do an excellent job there)..”

Sophia A.

“I have been a member of Ken Calhoun’s Trading Room for about 6 months. It’s definitely one of the best trading rooms on the web. His trading calls, both entries and exits, were very accurate…high-quality trading education was delivered during the webinars… I will definitely recommend Ken Calhoun’s Trading Room to the traders of all levels, both new and experienced.”

Karen A.

“I like your honesty, especially during Trading The Open, realizing that this is much more difficult than it looks. I have seen other trading rooms and there is a reason why I have been a member for so long. For me repetition is what works , watching for the last year or so has definitely helped me alot….In general your professionalism is what sets the tone for me, followed up with consistency of accurate calls on a daily basis.”

Lenny C.

“Prior to retiring, I traded as a market maker on the CBOE, OTC Market Maker and Specialist and I highly recommend Ken for both the new and seasoned trader for the correct way to day and swing trade in today’s marketplace. It’s all about making money and he presents accurate practical ways to trade the market. I think of him as the “Modern Market Maker”

Ray B.

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Disclaimer: The testimonials seen may not be representative of the experience of other clients. The testimonials seen are no guarantee of future performance or success.